Hi, I’m Yvonne

Welcome to my world of delicious dishes for a balanced lifestyle.

I’m a foodie for as long as I can remember and watching my mom cook always fascinated me as a child. Naturally, I was a frequent bystander when she whipped up one of her amazing meals in the kitchen. It didn’t took long until I cooked for myself when coming home from school. I always loved and still love how good food can lift your mood, nourish your body and bring people together.

Delicious dishes for a balanced lifestyle

The passion for cooking grew ever since and I’m still happiest creating comforting meals in the kitchen. So I started to create my own recipes, with good-for-you ingredients that satisfy all those foodie cravings. To combine my passion for food, photography and recipe development, I thought it’s about time I open up my delicious kitchen and share those healthyish creations with you. On my blog Encore & More you’ll find simple and quick recipes, high in complex carbs and low in sugar, perfect for a balanced lifestyle. From nourishing breakfast ideas and tasty snacks to comforting main dishes and mouthwatering sweet treats, there is a delicious bite for every craving.

Let’s get cooking!