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Holiday Gift Guide For The Bestie

It hit me today, that in a little over a week Christmas is here and I haven’t bought a single gift yet. Although  I believe in spending time with the loved ones is much more important and the true spirit of Christmas, I also find great joy in giving out presents. It just makes me so happy to see the face of a loved one light up when opening something special.

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Beauty Stories

Orange Coconut Scrub

Today I have a really cool DIY coming your way. As I mentioned before, I always reserve some time on the weekend to pamper myself. This usually involves a long shower where I start my skin care routine off wit a good peeling to get rid of dead skin cells. Although I love buying very effective products for that matter, I Continue Reading

Tasting Table

Golden Milk

In the last couple of years, I got more aware of what I put in my body and how it affects my health. Not that I would only eat unhealthy stuff before, but paying attention on how your body reacts to certain foods really opened my eyes. That’s why I incorporated Continue Reading