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Wanted: Spring Fling

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am that the last couple of days already felt like Spring is finally starting in Vienna. Although it is getting cold again next week (not feeling it), the first legit sunbeams and temperatures above 10 degrees, instantly heightened my mood and made me crave more. I can’t wait for a lot of outdoor fun with my friends and really want to enjoy the warmer season to the fullest this year. Continue Reading

Tasting Table

Middle Eastern-Inspired Chili Con Carne

I love myself a good hearty meal. Especially in the colder season, I like to cook up savory stews when I come home in the evening. They not only warm me up from within quickly but are also the perfect leftover food to take for lunch the next day. Inspired by my recent trip to Tel Aviv and the awesome food I ate there, I got creative in the kitchen to give one of my favourite hearty one-pot meals the middle-eastern treatment. Continue Reading

Lifestyle Moments

Favourite Scented Candles

I would say I have a slight obsession with scented candles and love to unwind with a cup of tea and a heavenly scented candle in the evening. That’s why I always have multiple of these beauties standing around at home. After all, they not only lift up a room with a delicate fragrance but also make for great home accessories with their sophisticated packaging.  Continue Reading


Bionista, Vienna

I am a foodie at heart and probably should say no to a mouth-watering cake or delicious Wiener Schnitzel more often than I do. Nonetheless, I got more aware of what I put in my body foodwise and how it affects my health in the last couple of years. That’s why I’m trying to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies a lot more into my meals and choose ingredients that fuel my body rather than weighing it down. Continue Reading


Tel Aviv Travel Diary

Hearing from people around me raving about Tel Aviv before I went, my expectations were pretty high regarding this middle-eastern city. Especially because the Israeli second most populous city always felt like far away. Not only because it is on another continent but also because of the different culture and circumstances this region is in. After spending roughly three days in this beautiful city I can honestly say that my expectations were not only met but also exceeded. Continue Reading


Birthday Treat: Shalom Tel Aviv!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is my birthday. Another year older, another year wiser they say. I don’t know if that’s always true but I learned a lot in the last one. To have a good start into the next year of my life I treated myself to something special for my birthday this time around. Since traveling is a great passion of mine and the opportunity arose, I will fly to Tel Aviv tomorrow. I’ve never been out of the country for my birthday and in Israel, so this trip is very special to me. Continue Reading

Beauty Stories

Subscription Box Love

I love trying new beauty products but am often hesitant when spending much money on something I don’t know will do the magic work it proclaims. A girl has gotta handle her budget, right? I know subscription boxes aren’t new, but I always felt when researching the best option, I never felt satisfied. Either the monthly fee was to high for the products offered or the brands didn’t really excite me. 

Continue Reading

Lifestyle Moments

New Year, New Mood!

Did I already say I’m glad that 2017 is over? I bet I did a 100 times because this past year truly wasn’t a happy one for me and the world as a whole I feel. That’s why it took me a couple of days to realize that the year is finally in the past and a new chance for a better one is here. Like always at the beginning of a year, I made some New Years resolutions but this time on a different note. I really wanted to turn them into affirmations that I want to practice, besides the usual resolutions I would go for. Continue Reading

Tasting Table

Nutty Apple Pie Oatmeal

I’m a lover of comforting food. Whenever I can, I will choose a warm meal for a cold one. Especially in winter, I like to begin my day with something that not only fills me up until lunchtime but also is healthy and warms me from inside.  Continue Reading