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    Kitcha Sticks & Rolls, Vienna

    While strolling through the first district with friends a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a restaurant I had to write about on the blog. Because I’m a foodie to…

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    Parémi, Vienna

    When I had to pick a district in Vienna I most love to stroll through, it would definitely be the first district. Because every time I do, I stumble upon some…

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    Bionista, Vienna

    I am a foodie at heart and probably should say no to a mouth-watering cake or delicious Wiener Schnitzel more often than I do. Nonetheless, I got more aware of what I…

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    Donuteria, Vienna

    When I heard from a colleague that a friend of her is opening a donut shop that specializes in making donuts the Austrian way near our office, I was hooked. I…

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    Kussmund, Vienna

    Do you ever feel frustrated when you discover a beauty brand during your travels that you really like but are not able to repurchase it back home? Yep, that happened to…

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    teastories”, Vienna

    I’m a tea lover since I can remember. It is my daily elixir to feel comforted and hydrated. Most of the days I drink around 1 litre of tea. That’s why…