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  • Lifestyle Moments

    Playlist: Beach Tunes

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that my holiday starts today. It is just a week for now put I’m pretty pumped that I’m going on a little road…

  • Wanderlust

    Down South In Dallas

    The last stop of our roadtrip was Dallas and I was pretty excited about going down south, were I’ve never been before in the US. I was looking forward to exploring…

  • Wanderlust

    Chicago Feelings

    One of the cities I was most excited about when planning this road trip was Chicago. I only heard good things about this city over the years and felt that this…

  • Wanderlust

    Boston Bound

    The roadtrip continues and the city we stopped next was Boston. I really fell in love with this city. Not only because it is very diverse but also because it seems…

  • Wanderlust

    Chillin’ in Philly

    The last days were filled with sightseeing, shopping and more so it took a little while until I had the time to write my next blog post. With a few little…

  • Wanderlust

    East Coast Trippin’

    We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. The trip I wanted to do for a long time is finally here. I’m travelling to the U.S.…