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    New Year, New Mood!

    Did I already say I’m glad that 2017 is over? I bet I did a 100 times because this past year truly wasn’t a happy one for me and the world…

  • Lifestyle Moments

    Playlist: Christmas Tunes

    I have to admit, I’m not one of those people who is vibing with Christmas weeks before it actually happens. That’s why I always find myself getting into the holiday mood…

  • Lifestyle Moments

    Back at it

    In a long time, I was never so excited a year is about to end soon. This year the downs really overshadowed the ups. Not only when it comes to the world as…

  • Lifestyle Moments

    #wanted: For The Home

    Recently, I told you about my living room makeover and the first step is now done. To start with a clean canvas, I decided to paint the room in all white…

  • Lifestyle Moments

    A Sunday Well Spent

    Because I’m working full-time and running a blog on the side, weekends are essential for me to not only get things done that I don’t have much time for during the…