Down South In Dallas

The last stop of our roadtrip was Dallas and I was pretty excited about going down south, were I’ve never been before in the US. I was looking forward to exploring the differences compared to more northern cities and Californian cities like San Francisco and L.A. Moreover, we were able to see an American friend who lives in Dallas that we haven’t seen in quiet a while. The first thing that hit me kind of by surprise was the heat. Coming from Chicago and being the end of September I didn’t really think that it would be still this hot in Dallas. So, doing sightseeing while the sun is blazing hot and the air is dry was not very easy. Still, we managed to see a few things. Also I recognized that you definitely need a car when getting around in Dallas, which we thankfully rented. I couldn’t see a lot of public transport there so it must be hard getting around we you don’t have a car. Moreover, in this heat the air condition in the car was my lifesaver to cool down after being outside.

Firstly, I wanted to see the Dallas Farmers Market, because I heard it is definitely a sight to see. Unfortunately, there was a lot of construction work going on at the time so it was not open when we got there. But we managed to find a few farmers stands around the area where it was kind of weird seeing all these so many pumpkins already while it felt like the mid of summer. Still, the vegetables, fruits and flowers looked so beautiful that I wanted to take some home with me to Austria and start cooking immediately.   There will definitely be  some  of my favourite pumpkin recipes on the blog this fall. IMG_1788IMG_1837IMG_1805IMG_1851IMG_1825IMG_1800We also made a short trip to Forth Worth an hour away, where I got to see my first live American college football game. As a football fan for a couple of years now this was really exciting to me. The atmosphere was electric and there was so much entertainment besides a really good game that I will never forget. And if you are into wings in more different seasoning and sauces that you can imagine I can highly recommend Buffalo Wild Wings. A sports bar/restaurant that has surprisingly good wings and more flat screens you have ever seen.



If you want to shop till you drop Dallas will satisfy you. There are shopping parlours and malls galore. Pretty to look at but to expensive to shop yet is Highland Park Village. And it really feels like its own little village in the city with sophisticated shops from all the big designers and cute little cafés and restaurants.


To me, Dallas was a city that I definitely want to see again (maybe not when it’s that hot) to explore it more. Seeing a friend after such a long time back where he lives was definitely the peak of my trip. And of course I already started to save for my next trip to give into my wanderlust cravings.

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