Chillin’ in Philly

The last days were filled with sightseeing, shopping and more so it took a little while until I had the time to write my next blog post. With a few little stops in between, the next big stop on our roadtrip was Philadelphia. As much as I love New York, I liked that Philadelphia is much more relaxed than the big apple. After arriving in the late afternoon a walk on the pier of Delaware River was just the right thing to end a day full of driving. The cute little food stands down the river and all the boats to watch took all the stress away. If you have the chance to visit Philly someday sit in the giant chairs down the pier and take a pic.


Food stand on the pier

The city with a lot of history is also home of the movies about Rocky Balboa and the residents are very proud of it. The famous stairs that Rocky is running up and down are a very frequented tourist spot and a statue of him is always sieged by people taking some pictures in front of it.

Sitting in the giant chair on the pier

Sitting in the giant chair on the pier


IMG_1087A breakfast spot that we visited frequently was Sam’s Morning Glory Diner. I stumbled upon this little diner while researching for the roadtrip and it met my expectations. Friendly staff and good quality food to a reasonable price are just what we needed to start the day. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Philadelphia, which was a good location to explore the city center by foot.

Sam's Morning Glory Diner

Sam’s Morning Glory Diner

That’s about it for this travel diary because it was only a short stop. See you soon with my next one about Boston.

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