Birthday Treat: Shalom Tel Aviv!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is my birthday. Another year older, another year wiser they say. I don’t know if that’s always true but I learned a lot in the last one. To have a good start into the next year of my life I treated myself to something special for my birthday this time around. Since traveling is a great passion of mine and the opportunity arose, I will fly to Tel Aviv tomorrow. I’ve never been out of the country for my birthday and in Israel, so this trip is very special to me.

Visiting Tel Aviv is on my travel bucket list for a long time now. I heard so many good things about the city from friends and family that it became a must-visit for me. Everybody I ask about this vibrant and cosmopolitan city is raving about its friendly people, delicious food, and culture. So when my bestie asked me to come on a trip to Tel Aviv-Yafo (the city’s full name), I was hooked.

We’re going to spend four days in the electric city and I’m so excited to explore the different areas and sights. As planning almost everything is in my nature, I spent the weekend researching online for things to see and do to make most of the trip. I can’t wait to come back with interesting impressions and of course lots of pictures to show you.

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