Bella Trieste e Sistiana

I haven’t been to Italy for over 15 years, so I was pretty excited as one of my best friends suggested a road trip to Trieste. The drive from Vienna is only about four hours so there was not much to think about before I said yes. With no accommodation booked, we just hopped in the car and were off. Trieste is such a cute little harbour town in northern Italy with about 200,000 citizens. On the first day we explored the city by foot and were immediately swept away by the laid-back mentality of the people there. I also couldn’t wait to eat a real Italian pizza and was more than satisfied when finding it at Al Civicosei. The pizza was delicious and the staff really friendly and sweet.

But I really feel in love with a town about 30 minutes away from Trieste. Sistiana stole my heart with it’s white and pink architecture, beach clubs and picturesque views of the ocean. Glad I found this beautiful Portopiccolo Beach Club before our trip while researching, because it offered us the perfect summer day. Relaxing on a lounger, dipping into the sea and pool and getting served with delicious drinks and food. What more can you ask for? Scroll through the pics and you’ll know why I didn’t want to leave.



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