Amsterdam Reloaded

After visiting this lovely city 8 years ago I was eager to go back not only to reminisce about the first trip, but also to explore some parts of the city that I haven’t back then. So, one of my best friends and me, that also was on the trip back then, thought it was time for a little reunion and we weren’t disappointed. Brick row houses, lovely people and seemingly endless places that are exciting and beautiful make this city special to me. I definitely could see myself living there for some time. Filled with bicycles, everybody is so in tune and chilled that I loved observing the people while they were following their daily tasks. We mostly walked through the city without really having a specific point to reach, but rather to be surprised by things we discovered along the way.



Hotel Room


Hotel Room View

The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zandaam was the perfect place to stay as it was just a 12-minute trip to the centre of the city and a lot of places to shop nearby. But what made this hotel special to me was the design that really makes it stand out from the rest. Colourful on the outside and with a minimalistic but smart design on the inside, we really enjoyed the stay.

Bar Spek

A place I accidentally found while booking this trip, Bar Spek was the right choice to enjoy brunch after a brisk morning walk. The food was delicious and the atmosphere so enlightening and comfortable that we could have stayed for hours.

travel-diary-amsterdam7travel-diary-amsterdam1travel-diary-amsterdam13travel-diary-amsterdam8Amsterdam is really a city that inspires me and I hope me meet some time again in the future.


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