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Pick Me Up Sunshine

More than eating tasty fruits, I probably love drinking them. Nothing refreshes me more than a cold glass of mixed vitamins. Especially after a workout session or when I need a refreshing drink during an afternoon slump. This blend of vitamins and fibre with almost endless health benefits is the perfect pick me up juice on a warm day because it gives me a boost of energy. Quick to prepare and satisfying without the guilt. Scroll down for recipe.

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Pick Me Up Sunshine

What you need:

1 Orange

2 carrots

1 Apple

1/2 lemon

Core the apple and cut into pieces. Peel the carrots and and also cut into smaller pieces. Put in a juicer and juice on high speed. Squeeze the orange and the halved lemon and put everything together in a glass. Give it a good stir and enjoy over ice.

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