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Kombucha Wine Spritz

This summer flew by so fast that fall hit my like a brick on the head this week. Although most of the time I was at work just seeing the change of weather in the early morning and on my way home. Anyways, nothing better on a Friday evening thancoming home after a long work day and unwind with a glass of wine. And because I’m really into Kombucha lately (this flavour in particular), I experimented  in the kitchen to pimp my usual glas of wine with a few additions. This drink is so delicious and refreshing that I’m instantly reminded of warmer days when taking a sip. Scroll down for recipe.


Kombucha Wine Spritz

What you need:

½ part wine

1 part Kombucha Quitte

1 part sparkling water

dash of lime juice

mint leaves (to garnish)

Put some ice cubes and a dash of lime juice in a glass. Pour over the wine and Kombucha, garnish with a lime slice and mint leave and enjoy!

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