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Boozy Grapefruit Fizz

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the weekend after this busy week at work. Going home on a Friday evening and getting into relax mode is just what I need right now. Included in that will be my new favourite fresh pick-me up cocktail. My boozy grapefruit fizz is super easy to prepare and far from heavy on the calorie count. The perfect drink to ring in the weekend which I definitely will. Scroll down for recipe.


Boozy Grapefruit Fizz

What you need: (serves 2)

8cl vodka

1 grapefruit


ice cubes

Put a few ice cubes in the glasses. Measure the vodka and divide it equally between two glasses. Juice the grapefruit and pour the juice into two glasses. Last but not least, put in some soda and garnish with a grapafruit slice. 

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