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Blackberry Lime Infused Water

Days full of sunshine, temperatures beyond the 25 degree mark and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. Summer is in full swing but it’s crucial to drink enough hydrating fluids during this heat. Your body needs at least two litres daily to stay healthy especially when you’re sweating more than during the colder months. But most of the people don’t drink enough or just the wrong things, because sodas and sugary juices are not giving your body the hydration it needs. I know that drinking just water can be boring and unsatisfying after a while, so I like to pimp my waters with some fresh fruits to make it more delicious. This fruity infused water is my latest obsession. It hydrates me perfectly during a hot summer day, is as healthy as it gets and far from bland. I just put everything in a big pitcher in the evening, let it sit in the fridge overnight and enjoy it during the next day. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Scroll down for recipe.


Blackberry Lime Infused Water

What you need:

100g blackberries

1 lime

handful of fresh mint

sparkling water

ice cubes

Cut the lime into slices an put in a pitcher. Add blackberries, mint leaves and sparkling water. Let sit in the fridge for 3-4 hours and enjoy on a hot summer day!

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