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Berry Breakfast Smoothie

I’m always on the hunt for delicious and healthy breakfast options that don’t need a lot of time preparing. Cause who wants to take the time in the morning to prep something that takes more than five minutes to be honest? Exactly! I already showed you my top 3 go-to healthy and quick breakfasts that don’t’ lack in tastiness but now I have a new addition to my breakfast rotation I want to share with you but first things first. There are some kitchen necessities for me when it comes to a healthy lifestyle that make preparing delicious meals so much easier. Two years ago I invested in a really good juicer to make all these raw and delicious fruit and vegetable juices to fill me up without adding tons of calories. Last year it was time get a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles and transform some other fun vegetables into healthy pasta. And now I’m finally the proud owner of a powerful blender which puts a smile on my face every time I use it. Obviously I was experimenting right of the back with some smoothies that are not only healthy and filling but also oh so delicious. Now back to the important stuff. After playing around with a few ingredients I found my new go-to smoothie combo that I need to share with you. This Berry Breakfast Smoothie is ready in less than five minutes, will fill you up and is a delicious start into the day. The best part? It is the perfect high protein but low carb breakfast to give you energy for the day. If you’re in a hurry, just grab it and drink it on the go or in the office. Easy enough right? Scroll down for the full recipe.


Berry Breakfast Smoothie

What you need: (makes 1 to 2)

21g (1/4 cup) rolled oats

120g (1 cup) berries (frozen or fresh)

3 tbsp high protein plain yogurt (e.g. Skyr)

200 ml (1 cup) milk

2 tbsp honey

Measure all the ingredients and put into a blender. Push the smoothie button and blend for a few seconds. Put in a glass or jar and garnish with some oats and berries. Enjoy your powerful and delicious breakfast smoothie for a healthy start into the day.

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