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I’m an online shopper for life. I can’t even remember the last time I bought something to wear in an actual store. I’m just not the most patient person and when it comes to fashion shops I’m quicklyannoyed when there are too many people running around or that you don’t see how the clothes actually look on a body before getting in line and waiting to try them. Not fun at all for me. But the presentation and crowded stores are not the only reasons I’m a big advocate of online shopping. Online shopping is more relaxed, you can try the pieces on in the comfort of your own home and you’ll save major bucks when knowing some little tips and tricks. That’s why I’m shopping almost all my stuff online for years now. To make your online shopping experience more enjoyable too, I rounded up the best hacks that I learned through years of successfully shopping online.

1. Subscribe to newsletters
This is definitely my number one tip. They might seem annoying but I highly recommend subscribing to all the newsletters of your favourite shops. You often get special discounts and can take part in exclusive pre-shopping events. I saved a ton on money over the years just by checking the newsletters I get. Extra Tip: I use a special email address for all the online shop newsletters because I don’t want my regular email account to be overcrowded. 

2. Use filters
Most online shops have filters to personalize your shopping experience. You’ll save a lot of time pre-selecting your size, colour preferences, etc. And you also spare yourself the disappointing moment of seeing an item you really like only to realize that it is not available in your size anymore.

3. Search through aggregate shopping sites
These platforms search hundreds of shops when you type in what you’re looking for. Add your size, colour preferences and price level und I guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time. I love ShopStyle and Polyvore for that matter.

4. Use your shopping cart wisely
I almost always will add products into my shopping bag but don’t buy it immediately for good reason. Most sites save the items in the shopping bag for you when you are logged in and usually a few days/weeks later the site offers a general discount that I can use or some items in my shopping cart go on sale and I’ll save some money.

5. Compare prices
Before making the purchase, compare the prices of the item you desire in different online shops. Sometimes you get a better price when taking the time to compare. This is especially true when it comes to buying beauty products online.

What are your little hacks for shopping online? Let me know in the comments!


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