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I’m a tea lover since I can remember. It is my daily elixir to feel comforted and hydrated. Most of the days I drink around 1 litre of tea. That’s why I have tons of different teas at home to switch it up and always have the right tea for my current mood. A few days ago I discovered a new little tea store while researching for something online and was hooked instantly. As I saw that they also have a store in Vienna I drove over to try some teas before I buy one. Because with tea I learned over time that it’s always better to try before you buy. Teastories” offers a variety of black, green, herbal, oolong, mate, rooibos and white teas from around the world which you can get freshmade at the store or take home. As a green tea lover I tried the limoncello, which is an iced green tea with fresh lemon juice. And it was definitely one of the best iced teas I tried so far. I also like their tea library, were you can smell all the teas they offer and get details about where they are from and exactly what’s inside. This is definitely a place I will come back to and try more of their teas in the future and since it is located inside of Westbahnhof it is the perfect spot to get some tea before you drive off when you are travelling from Vienna by train.

Teastories01Teastories03Teastories - 24Teastories02Teastories07


Bahnhofcity Wien West

Europaplatz 2

1150 Vienna


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