Kussmund, Vienna

Do you ever feel frustrated when you discover a beauty brand during your travels that you really like but are not able to repurchase it back home? Yep, that happened to me a few times. That’s why I was so excited to discover the gorgeous beauty store Kussmund right in the first district. It is a mecca for beauty brands you won’t normally find in Austria, so going into that store is like Christmas for a beauty addict like me. Grown Alchemist, Face Stockholm, La Bruket and Jack Black are just a few amongst a bunch of brands you can find here. And let’s not forget their variety of scented candles. Choosing one is a process, as there are so many heavenly scents. There is something for everybody.The sales staff is superfriendly and can help you with every question you have about the products. You will go in curious and leave with a smile. Kussmund is definitely worth a visit.

Kussmund-Beauty-Store-Vienna - 8Kussmund-Beauty-Store-Vienna7Kussmund-Beauty-Store-Vienna5Kussmund-Beauty-Store-Vienna1Kussmund-Beauty-Store-Vienna6


Habsburgergasse 14

1010 Vienna

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