Kitcha Sticks & Rolls, Vienna

While strolling through the first district with friends a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a restaurant I had to write about on the blog. Because I’m a foodie to the core and especially like freshly made Asian dishes.

Walking into that place, a smell of mouth-watering grilled food went through my nose and I was ready to eat. As the waiter at Kitcha Sticks & Rolls told us they serve some of their dishes fresh from their specially imported robata grill, I was sold. They offer a variety of “Sticks”, as they call it, with different meat, fish or veggies that melt in your mouth and have that flame-kissed taste that I love. I could have eaten ten of them but we opted to order a variety as a starter to share.

The other dishes on the menu don’t have to hide either. With a variety of rice and noodle bowls, rolls, sushi, and maki, this place offers something for every far eastern food connoisseur. No wonder I went back again a week later and can’t wait to visit this gem in the first district soon again.

Kitcha Sticks & Rolls

Vorlaufstraße 2

1010 Vienna







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