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DIY Festive Marble Mug

Christmas is coming soon and so are all the holiday parties beforehand. My favourite part about the holiday parties is, that you can spend quality time with friends and family accompanied with good food and heartwarming drinks. Since the hostess or host has a lot of preparation to do when hosting a holiday get together I like to appreciate the work by bringing a little something to say thank you. Something that the person will probably use and is a cute accessory on the breakfast table. Since trying this DIY marble colouring on some Easter eggs in spring, I wanted to take it up an notch this time with some marbled mugs which fit perfect into holiday season. They are easy and quick to create and look so pretty. I just made two of these and don’t even want to give them away because I like them so much. Scroll down to get the instructions.


What you need:

white mug

nail polish


  1. Put some cold water in a big bowl or container, so that the mug you put in can fit easily. I would suggest either layering the bowl out with some plastic foil or using a container you can throw away afterwards because cleaning it was a mess.
  1. Carefully pour some nail polish into the water. The more you put in the stronger the colour on the mug will be. For these mugs I used two different shades. The first one was a dark red and the second one was a coral. Perfect for the holiday season to come. Play around with the shades you like here and create your own coloured marble design.
  1. Carefully swirl through the colour with a toothpick to create that marble effect.
  1. Hold the mug and dip it in the water halfway, slightly leaning it to the right. Pull it back out and let it dry on kitchen paper. Don’t touch the mug until it’s completely dry to avoid smudging.

Extra Tip: Don’t put the marble mugs in the dishwasher because the paint will fade. Rather wash the inside carefully by hand. Also, the mugs are not safe to put in the microwave anymore because of the nail polish.

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