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In a long time, I was never so excited a year is about to end soon. This year the downs really overshadowed the ups. Not only when it comes to the world as a whole, but also on a personal level.

2017 was filled with road bumps and setbacks that I struggled with. And as a year of realizing stuff, as Kylie Jenner would put it, I realized a lot this year. The biggest thing I realized was, that Im worn out. As much as I love my blog, I needed to take a step back to charge my batteries and fuel my inspiration again.

Sometimes you got to stop and reflect on things to move forward.

Although the break was longer than I had originally planned, it gave me the opportunity to see what I need, rather than what I want in many aspects of my life. Long story short, Im glad to be back and inspire people through my blog againSee you soon with new stories about the things that let my heart skip a beat!




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