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The Maskimizer

I’m totally a skin person, meaning that I always take care of it weather it is my daily skin care routine or my weekly mask I really enjoy. Don’t you love it when you put on a mask, relax for a little and just have greater skin when you wash it off? I didn’t really think that there was a product that would enhance this experience, but to my surprise there is. The Origins Maskimizer is a facial mist that acts as a primer. Yes you heard that right. It is a primer before putting on your face mask and prepares and optimizes the skin for the following process. And you won’t believe it, but I really feel that if I use the Maskimizer before applying my face mask the skin better absorbs it. Another plus, my skin doesn’t feel as dry as before when using the maskimizer. This is truly a product I’m hyped about and can’t wait to use it again during my weekend skin care routine.


Would you use a mask primer or do you already use the Maskimizer? Let me know in the comments.

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