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How To: Dotted Nails

Although I’m not quiet a fancy nail art design kind of girl, I like to switch it up from time to time and give my manicure that little extra something. An easy way to create a wow-effect when it comes to your standard manicure is to add a graphic element to it that is not overwhelming but still will have people asking about your nails. Yup, it happened to me. As soon as I walked out with my beautiful dotted nails friends started to compliment me on my manicure but back to the important stuff now. This nail art design is super-easy to do and can be combined with every nail polish colour you heart desires. Scroll down for the instructions.


1.) First and foremost I always recommend using a base coat to keep the nails from staining. Currently I love the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Strengthener because my nails started splitting a lot this summer and I needed to nourish them. Then apply two thin layers of your favourite nail polish. I used Essie in “Lady Like” for a sophisticated nude with a subtle tint of rosé. A nail colour I adore lately.

2.) Adding the dot is super-simple and all you need is the right applicator to do so. I used a chopstick to make the dots, which worked very well and used a black nail polish (e.g. OPI in “Lady in Black”). You can also use a toothpick to make the dots smaller or a Q-tip to make them bigger. Let the dots dry completely and finish off with a top coat.

More tips and tricks on how to have a longer-lasting manicure right here.

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