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How To: Dotted Nails

Although I’m not quiet a fancy nail art design kind of girl, I like to switch it up from time to time and give my manicure that little extra something. An easy way to create a wow-effect when it comes to your standard manicure is to Continue Reading

Lifestyle Moments

A Sunday Well Spent

Because I’m working full-time and running a blog on the side, weekends are essential for me to not only get things done that I don’t have much time for during the week but also to recharge my batteries. Especially Sundays are my holy grail, where I rarely Continue Reading

Tasting Table

Berry Breakfast Smoothie

I’m always on the hunt for delicious and healthy breakfast options that don’t need a lot of time preparing. Cause who wants to take the time in the morning to prep something that takes more than five minutes to be honest? Exactly! I already showed you Continue Reading

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Sweater Weather

Although fall is not my favourite season because it means the temperatures fall, I like the fact that I can invest in new knitwear. Because it’s sweater weather, people! Especially all kinds of sweaters stole my heart this Continue Reading

Tasting Table

Kombucha Wine Spritz

This summer flew by so fast that fall hit my like a brick on the head this week. Although most of the time I was at work just seeing the change of weather in the early morning and on my way home. Anyways, nothing better on a Friday evening than Continue Reading

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Preparing For Fall

Maybe I’m a little late to the party but it suddenly hit me yesterday that summer is over. This summer felt like it was passing by in a blink of an eye because I worked so much and just went on two short trips to Italy and Spain. But by now I have to realize that Continue Reading